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spoiler. don't ...
spoiler. don't watch but ummmmm kinda the other pictures give it away...
Amanda Jordan22/01/2014
I would've ...
I would've respected the movie if it just ended there. Disney would be getting dark.
0:25 Elsa has a ...
0:25 Elsa has a french manicure its amazing 0.0 um im the only one who noticed okay then......................
Elsa should have ...
Elsa should have started singing "Do you want to build a snowman?"
I cried. 
I cried. 
I think the movie ...
I think the movie should've ended like this. Anna stays frozen (dead). Elsa realises what she's done and it just drives her into despair and realises she cannot be around people, she cant love anyone. so she has to be cold, and heartless and live in isolation. Because of this event she becomes evil, like the REAL snow queen that should've been adapted. SO the whole frozen series revolves around her. and a second movie should be made about Kai & Gerda, and thats where the accurate story of the Snow Queen comes from. But I guess Disney just wanted to continue its Princess Franchise, so killing Anna off and letting Elsa become evil is not the Disney way..oh well, still a great movie. Though this scene should be longer, it didnt even give me time to absorb what happen and cry! Anna shouldnt have thawed so fast, and Elsa would have time to say, Im sorry blahblah, and release all her deepest emotions in words. or maybe sing "Yes, I wanna build a snowman or something". 
Richelle Shisha24/01/2014
Could someone tell ...
Could someone tell me what happens afterwards please. Thank you :]
is true that this ...
is true that this scene is the saddest in the movie, though Anna freezes herself to save her sister, practically, Anna suicides to save her sister.
angel de jesus lopez dominguez26/01/2014
+SHAYTARDS Princesstard was SO CUTE in her video!
TresChainz DisneyCreate04/02/2014
Katerina Yefimova13/01/2014
Everyone raging ...
Everyone raging about who froze who lmao let me get this straightened out for you all. Elsa lost control, her magic exploded and some of it flew to Anna and FROZE her HEART (you can see this during "For the first time in Forever Reprise"). Because she did that, the magic started to freeze Anna's whole body (you could tell because her hair started to go white and she started to freeze despite being right next to the fireplace. Technically speaking, it WAS Elsa's fault because it was her magic that hit Anna, but then it was also Anna's fault, because she unknowingly kept scaring, provoking and confusing Elsa which made her lose control of her powers (like in the beginning when Elsa just wants to leave the coronation but Anna's all "WHY NOT? WHY? I WANT TO GET MARRIED! WHY CAN'T YOU ACCEPT THAT? I CAN'T LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE", rips off Elsa's glove and releases the power.) They both caused Anna's "frozen death" but they also both saved her by their own act's of true love, Anna sacrificing her life for Elsa and Elsa mourning over her loved one filled with regret and pain. I hope this cleared it up for you guys xD
Can we all just ...
Can we all just appreciate what a good actress Idina Menzel is? I mean, this scene, despite being animated, seemed so real. I hope she does more voice acting in the future, she's brilliant at it.
Madison Gonzalez27/01/2014 was Anna ... was Anna wanting to save her sister, right on time, she freezes since elsa froze her heart
Brithyst Opalescent31/01/2014
anna got frozed ...
anna got frozed from the heart see the movie u ###ers call it (anna got frozed from the heart)
Dorothy Rines12/01/2014
When I saw this ...
When I saw this clip after seeing the movie, after I noticed that there was no soundtrack playing here, I decided to play this sad soundtrack: during this scene to make it even more emotional.
Augusto Franco16/01/2014
If Elsa sang "do ...
If Elsa sang "do you wanna build a snowman...." during the time she was hugging Anna I probably would've died.
She doesn't freeze ...
She doesn't freeze her it's from when her heart couldn't take anymore and have in so her heart being frozen is what froze her
jcrazekid C20/01/2014
Olaf=WHAT DA FUCK face
Fraddy Waddy09/01/2014
BAM *credits roll*
BAM *credits roll*
Laura Ngo25/01/2014
Kristoff could have ...
Kristoff could have been a much more interesting character, if there had been more of an edge to his personality. Most of the time, he just seems like a tag-along to Anna with LITTLE PURPOSE in the story. He is too EASY GOING to be a craggy loner type and too light-hearted to be a rogue. Just seems like an ordinary nice guy.
Evayanti Maxi18/01/2014
Anna shouting " ...
Anna shouting "Kristoff" while slowly getting frozen in the blizzard. Can you spell "intense" ?!
Elsa didn't freeze ...
Elsa didn't freeze Anna at that time earlier in the movie elsa froze Anna's heart
Lexi Deeds06/01/2014
That's so sad :'(
That's so sad :'(
Puppy L25/01/2014
Jessie Blizz12/01/2014
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