South Park The Stick of Truth - All Classes and Characters Special Abilities
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Data pubblicazione: 09/03/2014
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South Park The Stick of Truth - All Classes and Characters Special Abilities Here is all classes and characters special abilities! Also include Summons! South Park The Stick of Truth - Mr Hankey Summon: South Park The Stick of Truth - All Fart Magic: Check out my other South Park Videos! Walkthrough: South Park The Stick of Truth - Japanese Anime Princess Kenny: South Park The Stick of Truth - The Art of Fart Magic: South Park The Stick of Truth - Alternate Ending: South Park The Stick of Truth - MANBEARPIG!: South Park The Stick of Truth - Princess Kenny Summons/Characters Transitions: Classes and Characters in order: FIGHTER: Assault and Battery Roshambo Bull Rush Horn of Irritation Ground Stomp MAGE: Dragons's Breath Dust of Dreams Lightning Volt Funnel of Frost Pyre Ball THIEF: Backstab Mug Execute Stink Bombs Death of a Thousand Cuts JEW: Sling of David Jew Jitsu Circum Scythe Whirling Doom Plagues of Eqypt Cartman: Flame Strike Burning Cloud Magic Missile Curse Kyle: Summon Elemental windstorm Rally Rain of Arrows Stan: Discus of Might Whirlwind Slash Marked for Death Way of the Sword Kenny: Royal Kiss Furry Friends Charm Unicorn Stampede Butters: Hammer of Justice Healing Touch Hammer of Storm Professor chaos: (Choose your Fate) - Hammer of Chaos! - Life Drain! - Chaos Cloak! - Chaos Storm! - Chaos Blast! Jimmy: Song of Buffness Power Chord Lullabye Brown Note Summons: Mr Slave - Rawhide Whip Mr Kim - Miniature Gong Jesus - Rosary Mr Hankey - Shitstorm (Click Video link)

Here is the missing ...
Here is the missing Summon, Mr Hankey South Park The Stick of Truth - Mr Hankey Summon Ability
wtf I've never ...
wtf I've never heard kyle's brother say God damn
I don't care how ...
I don't care how much you hate Cartman, that curse ability is pretty fucking cool.
I love cartman ...
I love cartman curse spell hahaha, love the episode to where he pretends to have the Tourettes hahhahaha 
Michael Diambrosio29/03/2014
Dude where is this ...
Dude where is this game?
Danny Bouges07/05/2014
9:37 ...
Giuseppe D'Addio04/05/2014
I am planning to do ...
I am planning to do a playthrough of this game and I was thinking about using the fighter class, but the thief looks pretty cool, someone help!!!
mage sucks...
mage sucks...
TheDante PL12/05/2014
Jew-Jitsu is the ...
Jew-Jitsu is the best
What's the guy on ...
What's the guy on the crutches name 
WS Master13/05/2014
Kenny is one fucked ...
Kenny is one fucked up person
RomireVids - Gaming, Machinima & More12/04/2014
How to win as a ...
How to win as a thief: Use backstab.
Dude not cool using ...
Dude not cool using it on doggies :(
Knights Templar05/04/2014
Guys I'm gonna do a ...
Guys I'm gonna do a second Playthrough and I'm not sure what to pick. I finished as a fighter but I didn't think his moves were all that great. Should I go with a Jew Mage or theif?
When i'm about to ...
When i'm about to do assault and battery, i always yell,"BY THE POWER OF SCOUT!!"
david gonzalez15/04/2014
I liked the tiefs ...
I liked the tiefs special its very cool. Is it?
Adaa Lehto14/07/2014
2:01 <3 
2:01 <3 
cant wait too see ...
cant wait too see PETA's reaction to this shit.
Brown note is my ...
Brown note is my fav, jimmy my fav character
All team mates have ...
All team mates have their strengst. Imo Butters feels almost op :D
When Kenny uses ...
When Kenny uses Charm... Does he say, "It's like Girls Gone Wild!"?
2:12 is soooooo ...
2:12 is soooooo overpowerd, i got like + 20% fire dmg, +15% fire dmg +20% fire dmg and again +15 or so, i hit 10-11k on strong oponnents, basically i one-hit EVERYTHING except bosses
Forgot me hanky 
Forgot me hanky 
11:09 My reaction ...
11:09 My reaction was: O_O --> X_X What the FUCK did I just look at?!
Vernon Cabanayan17/06/2014
Trova Farmacie