South Park The Stick of Truth - All Classes and Characters Special Abilities
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South Park The Stick of Truth - All Classes and Characters Special Abilities Here is all classes and characters special abilities! Also include Summons! South Park The Stick of Truth - Mr Hankey Summon: South Park The Stick of Truth - All Fart Magic: Check out my other South Park Videos! Walkthrough: South Park The Stick of Truth - Japanese Anime Princess Kenny: South Park The Stick of Truth - The Art of Fart Magic: South Park The Stick of Truth - Alternate Ending: South Park The Stick of Truth - MANBEARPIG!: South Park The Stick of Truth - Princess Kenny Summons/Characters Transitions: Classes and Characters in order: FIGHTER: Assault and Battery Roshambo Bull Rush Horn of Irritation Ground Stomp MAGE: Dragons's Breath Dust of Dreams Lightning Volt Funnel of Frost Pyre Ball THIEF: Backstab Mug Execute Stink Bombs Death of a Thousand Cuts JEW: Sling of David Jew Jitsu Circum Scythe Whirling Doom Plagues of Eqypt Cartman: Flame Strike Burning Cloud Magic Missile Curse Kyle: Summon Elemental windstorm Rally Rain of Arrows Stan: Discus of Might Whirlwind Slash Marked for Death Way of the Sword Kenny: Royal Kiss Furry Friends Charm Unicorn Stampede Butters: Hammer of Justice Healing Touch Hammer of Storm Professor chaos: (Choose your Fate) - Hammer of Chaos! - Life Drain! - Chaos Cloak! - Chaos Storm! - Chaos Blast! Jimmy: Song of Buffness Power Chord Lullabye Brown Note Summons: Mr Slave - Rawhide Whip Mr Kim - Miniature Gong Jesus - Rosary Mr Hankey - Shitstorm (Click Video link)

Here is the missing ...
Here is the missing Summon, Mr Hankey South Park The Stick of Truth - Mr Hankey Summon Ability
5:31 Kyle : Kick ...
5:31 Kyle : Kick the baby! Ike : Don't kick the god damn baby
What about mr ...
What about mr hankeys summon?
Lincoln Redmond07/10/2014
Holy shit.... ...
Holy shit.... Fucking Professor Chaos!
William Kyle01/10/2014
11:09 My reaction ...
11:09 My reaction was: O_O --> X_X What the FUCK did I just look at?!
Vernon Cabanayan17/06/2014
9:35 Ka-me-ha-me-ha ...
9:35 Ka-me-ha-me-ha!
Looks like a cool ...
Looks like a cool game where can I get this game?
Drucilda mclaren30/09/2014
wtf I've never ...
wtf I've never heard kyle's brother say God damn
I don't care how ...
I don't care how much you hate Cartman, that curse ability is pretty fucking cool.
I love cartman ...
I love cartman curse spell hahaha, love the episode to where he pretends to have the Tourettes hahhahaha 
Michael Diambrosio29/03/2014
Dude where is this ...
Dude where is this game?
Danny Bouges07/05/2014
mage sucks...
mage sucks...
TheDante PL12/05/2014
9:37 ...
Giuseppe D'Addio04/05/2014
I am planning to do ...
I am planning to do a playthrough of this game and I was thinking about using the fighter class, but the thief looks pretty cool, someone help!!!
9:34 ka me ha me ...
9:34 ka me ha me haaaaaaa
adam esa19/10/2014
Jew-Jitsu is the ...
Jew-Jitsu is the best
What's the guy on ...
What's the guy on the crutches name 
WS Master13/05/2014
Kenny is one fucked ...
Kenny is one fucked up person
RomireVids - Gaming, Machinima & More12/04/2014
and exute assian is ...
and exute assian is like dispair in warframe
Moharam Ammar17/10/2014
Mage is the best.
Mage is the best.
Arctic King08/10/2014
How can you do that ...
How can you do that I'm still learning on that I got my game yesterday and I still don't know how too do it
Jessica Hawkes04/10/2014
Guys I'm gonna do a ...
Guys I'm gonna do a second Playthrough and I'm not sure what to pick. I finished as a fighter but I didn't think his moves were all that great. Should I go with a Jew Mage or theif?
Huge Southpark fan ...
Huge Southpark fan since the pilot. Saw my nephew playing this and when he did the Kenny Princess unicorn magic I almost shed tears laughing. Oh and praise Jesus... and his two M16's, 
When i'm about to ...
When i'm about to do assault and battery, i always yell,"BY THE POWER OF SCOUT!!"
david gonzalez15/04/2014