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Autore: YouTube Help
Data pubblicazione: 17/04/2015
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moose has the voice ...
moose has the voice of the guy with red hair from boys over flowers and ranma has inuyasha`s voice from inuyasha lol!
Ranma and Akane ...
Ranma and Akane dont need muchrooms because they already love each other! They say they hate each other but they really are secretly in love! ^•^
Miuna Shiodome03/03/2014
gimmie those ...
gimmie those shrooms!
Never trust an ...
Never trust an expert that looks like Moe from the 3 Stooges.
Seth Tyrssen24/01/2014
10:00 them in the ...
10:00 them in the back round tho lol 
tysha taitt12/01/2014
Whats wthit the ...
Whats wthit the music
Angelica Hernandez11/12/2013
Gotta love shrooms. ...
Gotta love shrooms. lol
Geta Rivaille30/11/2013
hahahaha xD. :D ...
hahahaha xD. :D Ranma Akane love mushrooms that sounds perfectly planned ehh Saotome, Ryoga Kuno WHATS THE REMEDY FAST ASAP?!?!??!?!??!?!?. Mouse FFS LEAVE EM ALONE THEY NEED TO FALL IN LOVE SO I CAN GET SHAMPOO!! FFS
Fredde ThaiBecommingthe King12/06/2012
Ask him... XD
Ask him... XD
Nabiki: Ooh right. ...
Nabiki: Ooh right. Love mushrooms, huh? Kasumi: It sounds so romantic. Me: It's sounds so suggestive, hehe.
How is it even ...
How is it even possible to spell something that far from the correct way, let alone that many times in two sentence fragments.
Brad Smith17/02/2013
a pot head dream ...
a pot head dream eat all the mushrooms you want free and legal
Tzaddi Solomon22/02/2012
I'm siding with ...
I'm siding with mousse on this one :)
Chris Noble31/12/2012
I'm on moose's side.
I'm on moose's side.
@Kokanauka its ...
@Kokanauka its healthy for the mind to relax at times and just wind down and do absolutely nothing productive. meditating has the same basic purpose as tanning on a beach.
Bobby S22/01/2012
looks like the ...
looks like the mushroom expert is a big mushroom
try to count how ...
try to count how many people are high in this episode.
a sheep in sheep's ...
a sheep in sheep's clothing oh there is no hope for kuno XD
Leafy Dubs19/02/2012
A sheep in sheep's ...
A sheep in sheep's clothing. Why I love Kuno
Aria Middleman20/01/2013
"It's impolite to ...
"It's impolite to interfere with other people's relationships!" Look who's talking, Mousse...
Ranma: This is ...
Ranma: This is getting a little complicated. LOL XD
"Go check out the ...
"Go check out the little dipper or something." LOLOLOLOL Kuno = burned.
Molly N.07/05/2012
@2:59 Ranma's hands ...
@2:59 Ranma's hands are merged... O_O
i absolutely love ...
i absolutely love kasumi xD
Momo Lia02/08/2012
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