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La Mejor Pareja de ...
La Mejor Pareja de Rumiko Takahashi,Lamu & Ataru....Como amor este tema de Survivor,es tan romantica,especialmente por lo que dice la letra :')...¡Te quedo Bellisimo el video!
Is a beatiful
Is a beatiful
Valentina Muñoz11/01/2014
couldn't have found ...
couldn't have found a better song, GREAT AMV!!
what's that? @.@
what's that? @.@
chette dizon24/07/2007
holy damn... i've ...
holy damn... i've watched this video about 10 times now, and it still gets to me. this is some of your best work, and that's saying a LOT.
That's prob what ...
That's prob what inspired it
magnificent work!
magnificent work!
Cata Shane10/05/2007
one of the amvs ...
one of the amvs that caught my heart... what can I say... good job... :)
Tears.. Tears all ...
Tears.. Tears all over :'(
Jessica Anquilo09/08/2013
No this is from the ...
No this is from the classic FIRST movie Always My Darling. That is also why the animation is dated. Also there are other parts mixed in from other movies as well. Such as the FINAL CHAPTER aka the fifth film. If you study the animation style you will see the changes from the 70s to the late 80s.
Mario Awake22/05/2013
The intro is ...
The intro is inspired frome The Graduate,isn't it?
very CUTE!!!!!!
very CUTE!!!!!!
is the final scene ...
is the final scene where Lum takes Ataru inot her arms and into the air form the first or last movie? Loved the AMV btw and thought it was well done indeed!
Shawn Atlas02/05/2010
i love this video
i love this video
Beautiful <3 <3 <3
Beautiful <3 <3 <3
nice music video, i ...
nice music video, i love it, i'm an avid fan of rumiko takahashi's Ranma½, had also watched Lamu the invader girl and inuyasha as well
Ronald Jeffrey Chua15/04/2007
oooh I don't know ...
oooh I don't know that hehe ^^
chette dizon05/09/2008
@chettedizon Oh o-o
@chettedizon Oh o-o
Awww... They are so ...
Awww... They are so cute together. Man I wished that this was on TV. I always have to read the manga and watch the DVD movie my cousin got! It's so not fair!...T_T
awesome is too a ...
awesome is too a little for this very greatest video. compliments. Very great... I'm speechless.
Willy Rizzo16/12/2007
love it
love it
Beautiful... really ...
Beautiful... really beautiful. Makes me think of Ranma and Akane too - only much less dysfunctional. :) This has long been one of my favorite '80s ballads and the lyrics really do fit Ataru. Wonderful job!!
This is the most ...
This is the most beautiful UY AMV I've ever seen. It evokes emotions on all the right scenes. Put together so well! You don't see too many amvs for this lovable classic, and it was perfect when Ataru dropped Lum's horns w/ the line "you were with me all the while" to those who've seen the 5th movie. Awesome; unlike a lot of UY amvs that slap non related music to choppy clips. Sorry so long, this series has been my favorite anything since i was a kid. And this video was just, well, PERFECT!!
Ataru finally found ...
Ataru finally found the really girl he loved!! how cute!!! congratulation!!