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The episode of 02: ...
The episode of 02:08 , 03:26 and 03.47 pleaaasseee tell meee ~ .
hinata uzumaki04/02/2014
I mean 03:47
I mean 03:47
hinata uzumaki04/02/2014
That's Urusei ...
That's Urusei Yatsura Movie 3.
exelente video
exelente video
hector yovani cruz garcia16/11/2012
its rei not rai
its rei not rai
'YOu know what I ...
'YOu know what I hate, I have seen the first few episodes of this anime, and thats it. There is nothing around my area where I can buy this anime, or find it.'
Jerid Glasspoole30/05/2007
2:30 soz
2:30 soz
Tyler Dean25/12/2011
I'll have to agree ...
I'll have to agree with everyone above this is the best UY amv i've ever seen with only linger coming close.
Very nice vid. It ...
Very nice vid. It really matches with UY. 5/5 stars and add to favs.
I like this song...
I like this song...
this is sooooooooo ...
this is sooooooooo nice. I love Urusei Yatsura :)
What episode is at ...
What episode is at 1:38?
Sarah Wertz09/01/2009
Another job well ...
Another job well done, very sweet and once again, great use of scenes. Speaking of which, I have a scene inquiry: Which UY episodes were these three following scenes in? 1:38-1:47 Thanks again and keep up the good work!! 2:30-2:34 3:20-3:24
i like it but what ...
i like it but what episodes were these following scenes in 2:18 , 2:50 , 3:40 , 4:07
mary cortes05/11/2013
Very well done, ...
Very well done, definately one of the best videos I've seen on youtube. I love Urusei Yatsura, Ataru and Lum are so adorable, cutest couple ever. Just a question, about scene 1:06-1:36, I know I've seen it in movie 3 remember my love, but it was only Lum's flashback. Was it a cutscene from a complete tv episode or an Ova? (The two of them together on the beach at night? I don't think I've seen that...)
I love your AMV. ^- ...
I love your AMV. ^-^ Good Job friend ^_^
Does anyone know ...
Does anyone know what Episode, OVA, or Movie 3:36 - 3:46 is from?
Patrick Cross17/09/2010
1:38- 1:47 - Ova 10 ...
1:38- 1:47 - Ova 10: Terror of Girly eyes measles 2:30-2:34 - Ova 11: In a date with a spirit 3:20-3:24 - Movie 3: Remember my Love Thanks :D I'll try to upload some.. episodes.. if they are okay to upload, my friend a japanese will help me to translate :D I'll upload them with my account "Chetteshares" :)
chette dizon01/09/2006
So pretty! Love it ...
So pretty! Love it :D
I love this amv it ...
I love this amv it is so beautiful. Lum is such a beautiful character. She's so strong and her heart is so full of love for Ataru. This is really one of the few series that I've never heard anyone say anything bad about the main female character. Urusei Yatsura is the first series that Rumiko Takahashi made that became an anime.
do a video between ...
do a video between ataru and rai for the love of lum
i'm with you dark ...
i'm with you dark phoenix....but i'm diferent...i saw all the episodes that passed on TV..but suddently they stopped =( i can't get the rest of them
Tiago Lopes24/06/2007
i love the song.. ...
i love the song..but i havent seen the anime..but i think it's cool..the video was great! hmm.. i hope you can teach me how to make a video like yours..hehehe
French Michelle Israel12/09/2006
I know it's not ...
I know it's not from the OVAs, i think it might be from one of the episodes between 159 and 178 because those are the eppys I dont have and I dont remember seeing them in any previous eppys
Joaquim Paquete22/05/2007